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shrewd sanctity rae mcgregor

the story of Kathleen Hall missionary nurse in China, 1896-1970

Author Rae McGregor

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Kathleen Hall is better known in China than she is in New Zealand, the country of her birth and where she trained as a nurse. A talk on China inspired her to offer herself for service as a missionary nurse. Kathleen reached China in 1923 and became fluent in the language. The poverty and dirt nearly overwhelmed her but she came to love the people whom she had come to serve and revelled in her work in the more remote regions of the country.
When Japan invaded China, Kathleen became involved in clandestine activities that would have resulted in immediate death if she had been caught by the Japanese. To this day Kathleen is remembered in the villages where she worked – in particular in Songjiazhaung where the school is named after her and her statue is in the grounds. Rewi Alley said that if Kathleen had been a man she would have been a hero.
Shrewd Sanctity is a well-researched account of Kathleen Hall’s life and work and explores the reasons that motivated her decisions and the tension that existed between her love for China and the pull of New Zealand, which was her home.

Incorporating black-and-white photographs.


Rae McGregor is an Auckland writer and this is her second biography. She travelled to China to research this book and experienced firsthand the harsh beauty of the landscape as well as the kindness of the Chinese people.

ISBN 978-0-473-20532-4
GENRE Non-fiction historical, New Zealand &
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