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happiness in his eyes

a story of love and disability

Author Louise Inglis

A true story of a family living with disability in a very young child. Endorsed by several eminent New Zealand doctors and consultants.

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A compelling story about a family who overcome extraordinary
challenges, that will inspire and support anyone raising or
involved in the care of a special needs child.
Above all, it will touch your heart and enlighten your thinking.

Happiness in his eyes is Louise’s story of the first seven years bringing up her son Kevin, a child with special needs. At thirteen months, Kevin was diagnosed with autism, and over the next five years, Louise and Michael and Kevin’s older brother Matthew were forced to adjust to additional obstacles, including epilepsy, and a
life radically different from that which they had ever imagined.
Louise writes about the bleak moments and the disruption to their family life with an unflinching honesty and sincerity, but she balances it with their successes, breakthroughs and moments of joy. Hear the poignant voices of Kevin’s brother and grandmother, as you almost live their lives with them, through the heartache
and happiness. Because there is happiness amidst the tension.

Selling Points:
Gives rare insight into the realities of family life with a severely disabled child
Inspiring story of determination to keep a family intact despite the odds
Will have the reader laughing, reflecting, sighing and crying
Reveals current supports available in NZ medical and educational systems
Useful resource for teachers, therapists and medical professionals
Reminds those in similar situations they are not alone and there is hope
Includes grandmother’s and sibling perspective

Family life
Disabled, especially autism, epilepsy and intellectual disability
Medical professionals, teachers, therapists and carers

ISBN 978-0-473-20657-4
GENRE General fiction - Family relationships
Living with disability
FORMAT Paperback
No. PAGES 248 pp. with 21 B+W photos
+ 14-page colour photo insert
DIMENSIONS 136 x 204 x 15 mm
WEIGHT 290 g
RRP $29.90


Read article in The Aucklander, 8 April 2012

“This is a story that will enthral you, the reader, on so many levels … You cannot read this wonderful and intensely personal story, written in her own style and words, without ending up with a profound admiration and respect for Louise. She is a person of epically heroic personal qualities … Her commitment, her stamina, her internal strength and her spiritual convictions shine through everything. And in all this, Louise also makes a statement for all the other parents and all the other families of all the other people in our world who go through life with a disability like Kevin’s.”
Dr Paul G Taylor, Consultant Paediatrician

“I recommend this book to you. It is of real value to health professionals because we are given insights into the lifelong journey of a family with a son with severe disabilities. Their many interactions with the health system are conveyed constructively and provide an opportunity for our reflection and learning, although this is not the main content. The engaging way in which Louise has written this story (with small contributions from her other son and mother) enables us to read on as we share the roller-coaster ride of their lives – the anguish and sheer hard work, interspersed by moments of joy. Other families with similar difficulties may draw comfort from the shared experience. This story is a hard one, but love and hope shine through. Arohanui.”
Professor Innes Asher, Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, The University of Auckland

“Riveting; read from start to end in one sitting. A wonderful resource for teachers, therapists, medical staff in training, and families with a recently diagnosed child.”
Wendy Duff, mother of Elliott who has autism, president of Autism New Zealand Inc. for eight years, life member of Autism NZ

“… If you do not have a child with special needs, can I still encourage you to read this book … I sighed, I cried, I giggled and I prayed for this dear family. I have also been challenged to be more aware, more compassionate and more understanding.”
Nikki Bray, co-director of FamilyLife NZ, author and speaker

“This is a wonderful and honest account of a family’s journey with autism … It provides valuable information as well as support and hope to others, and I thank Louise for sharing it with us all.”
Dr Rosamund Hill, neurologist and parent of an autistic son

“Louise shares the realities of living with a child with special needs … She bravely allows us to view her private face, her reality. This is a moving, powerful story.”
Bronwyn Glass, Kevin’s kindergarten teacher for two years

“I found it hard to put down and would recommend it as a must-read for all families who wonder how they can possibly manage children – one with special needs – a family and a job.”
Alison Molloy, Chief Executive, Autism New Zealand

“Love, courage, commitment, strength and perseverance; these are made evident throughout this book, sharing the struggles of parents dealing with autism and epilepsy as they battle to give their child the best life possible. I believe this revealing account will resonate with other parents facing similar challenges.”
Verity Colgrave, Service Delivery Manager, Epilepsy New Zealand

“Other families in similar situations will take heart from Louise’s experiences, that they are not alone and there is support to be had.” IHC Library