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Aria by Rowina De Silva


Author Rowina De Silva

This book was one of five books shortlisted in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2011. (The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognise excellence in science fiction, fantasy and horror written by New Zealand authors.)

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Being an orphan is the worst life in Arabella Hayley Richardson’s eyes – well, that was before killing Demox became number one on her to-do list.

Now, being a Fighter, she is forced into a world of violence, fear and confusion. She is ‘Marked’ – she is special – and with that comes expectations. What she thought was a supernatural war is actually a deadly extermination, and the safety of the Fighters – their existence, even – depends on her. In the midst of this war, Hayley discovers love in the form of a sarcastic, self-absorbed boy named Alex, but she is already bound to another man, making her love for Alex illicit.

Hayley’s life can only be plagued by problems. Hope is distant and her old life is fading away to make room for one she is not ready for.

Written by a 14-year-old young lady from Auckland, Aria is a young adult fantasy about demons, forbidden love and newfound powers.

ISBN 978-0-473-18117-8
GENRE Young adult fantasy
FORMAT Paperback
No. PAGES 212
DIMENSIONS 148 x 210 x 15 mm
WEIGHT 375 g
RRP $24.99


aria, rowina de silva, demons, fantasy, young adult