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Alchemy of the Soul by Denis Skeet


Author Denis Skeet

“Where we come from, why we are here, and where we go when we die.”

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Most of us look for some explanation for our existence, sometime during our life. Now there are some answers.

This fascinating book answers the eternal questions of the source, the reason for being and the destination of our souls on passing – the very essence of who we are.

Those people who profess to a traditional Christian belief system may find Alchemy of The Soul a challenge, but for those with open minds, who are ready to explore new truths, the chapter on spirituality and religion defines the differences.

The book describes the nine circles of existence of our souls, the various levels we travel through and our duties while there. It also provides explanations for feelings such as déjà vu, and coincidences in our lives.
It gives information for those looking for a greater understanding of “why they are here”, the four main lessons in life, and what they need to be doing to become more highly evolved souls.

There is an extensive recommended reading list for those wishing to further their knowledge and understanding.

The contents of this book have been assembled by the author from a wide variety of sources and under the guidance of those entities who inhabit that other realm. They wished that the knowledge contained in the text should be imparted to as wide an audience as possible and consequently gave the author the task of completing this manuscript. It has taken several years of research since receiving the inspiration to follow this path.

ISBN 978-0-473-18155-0
GENRE New age
FORMAT Paperback
No. PAGES 114
DIMENSIONS 126 x 195 x 8 mm
WEIGHT 150 g
RRP $24.95