Proofreading & Copy Editing

What is the difference between proofreading and copy editing?

is checking and correcting:

  • typographical errors
  • omissions
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • consistency.

Copy editing
is checking and correcting:

  • language
  • logical structure
  • clarity
  • consistency and style
  • layouts
  • illustrations.

Often a combination of both is required, for corporate documents, résumés, catalogues, newsletters and theses. In book publishing, they are usually separate entities, except in self-publishing where one person often fulfils both functions.

Why should we work for you?

  • We help maintain a quality image for your company.
  • We are cost-effective - we can find errors before you publish.
  • We can edit your website, checking all aspects - telephone numbers to links.
  • We are trained, so we work faster.
  • We ensure that all material is as accurate as possible.
  • We give you the advantage of using an objective outsider.
  • We save you employing extra staff.
  • We can often work outside your normal working hours.
  • We work for domestic and international clients.
  • We offer competency, thoroughness and professionalism.
  • We work at a reasonable cost, to suit your deadlines.
  • We offer additional services such as photo restoration and basic layouts.

Areas and Subjects

  • general publishing
  • self-publishing
  • e-book publishing
  • corporate documents
  • legal
  • advertising
  • printing & packaging
  • promotional material
  • signage
  • genealogy
  • government documents
  • education
  • local councils and libraries
  • accounting
  • basic computing
  • classical music
  • travel and tourism
  • history
  • ceramics and porcelain
  • food and wine

Types of Work

  • websites
  • manuals and instruction books
  • manuscripts
  • newspaper articles
  • magazine articles
  • books, especially non-fiction
  • family histories
  • brochures
  • academic theses
  • reference books
  • questionnaires
  • email texts
  • catalogues
  • CVs and résumés
  • business plans
  • newsletters
  • advertisements
  • reports
  • letters
  • newsletters
  • press releases
  • slideshow presentations
  • forms
  • e-newsletters


If you have a specialist area not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.